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Natural Food Stores for Southeast Wisconsin

Total Health Inc. all-natural food stores have two locations in New Berlin and Menomonee Falls. Our clinics & natural health stores are located in the same building, allowing our holistic practitioners to spend time on the sales floor. You’ll always have someone around to listen and answer any questions you may have about products.

Shop all-natural products with high-quality ingredients

Both of our natural health stores require independent lab testing proving purity and truth in labeling for the products we stock. We believe in offering whole food, all-natural vitamins and the highest quality food. We do not carry products or foods with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and we source locally source products whenever possible.

Our products include:

Essential Oils
Healthy Food
Personal Care
Weight Loss Management

Natural health clinics at each store location

Both of our natural health stores have adjoining clinics which offer a variety of natural health services. Our natural health practitioners are always ready to answer questions about alternative therapies & the clinical services we offer. Stop in to learn more!

Contact Total Health with any questions on natural health products or services available.

Can't wait? Shop in-store at one of our two natural health retail locations:

Partnered with Standard Process

Standard Process partners with qualified health care professionals to distribute supplements, test kits, and other products that promote natural health. They are committed to providing clients with nutrients as they are found in nature to maximize their effectiveness. See top Standard Process products now:

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Visit one of our natural health stores in Menomonee Falls or New Berlin to shop in person.


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