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  • 13-point scale for health evaluation
  • Enhanced 3D models: skeleton, circulation, lymphatic and nerve system, trachea, bronchi, lungs, teeth, heart
  • Displays over map of chakra systems and 3D Chinese meridian models
  • Evaluates indicators of 73 psycho-emotional conditions

Blue Opal Health assessment starts with non-invasive sensors placed on the head. The sensors are capable of interfacing via electromagnetic waves with the subcortical brain, the largest repository of information about the ongoing processes within an organism.

The information obtained is reformed into a digital signal, which is decoded by the Blue Opal’s advanced software. This information is displayed on the computer screen over a virtual model of the organ, tissue or cell being evaluated. The display presents an assessment of the organ’s health in a color-coded format, varying from light yellow (healthier) to orange, red, purple and black, where organ stress is at its maximum and the health of the organ is highly suspect.

Insights are gained regarding possible pathologies and the practitioner can make recommendations about avenues for potential improvement.

About the Metatron Blue Opal 

The Metatron Blue Opal is an FDA-regulated medical device classified as a Nonlinear Diagnostic System. It is currently the only patented and ISO-certified torsion-based biofeedback health assessment and therapeutic medical device in the world.

The Metatron Blue Opal was created to assess organ health by analyzing torsion fields. The device aims to differentiate between healthy and potentially pathological or imbalanced conditions. Sensors designed to obtain a complete set of information about an organism’s processes are placed on the head to interface with the subcortical brain via electromagnetic waves. The device sends impulses to create resonance in the body, yielding a digital scan of assessed bodily harmonics. 

Particular attention is paid to the psycho-emotional state of a patient, and resonance is targeted to improve certain conditions, especially those which may be unresponsive to other therapies. The Metatron Blue Opal is recognized as being able to identify all Chinese meridians and acupuncture points.

Results of the Metatron Blue Opal assessment are used to help patients find natural remedies, diet changes and holistic or alternative health services to promote better, more balanced health.

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Meet your practitioners

Connie Hurley-Pronley

M.S., Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Certified Red Light Therapy Practitioner


Coming from a career as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Connie has always been dedicated to helping people, and her passion for natural health stemmed from being a Total Health client for almost 20 years. After becoming certified as a PraiseMoves Instructor and Biblical Health Coach, Connie was motivated to pursue holistic health coaching. She studied and obtained further certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Gluten-Free Practitioner, as well as a Certified Red Light Therapy Practitioner.

REAL Customer Testimonials & Reviews

What was it like before you came to see us? Heart beat was irregular and weak. I got tired quickly and could not stay awake past 9pm. My physical activity was severely limited. Over exertion caused me to get out of breath quickly. My cardiologist diagnosed me with permanent atrial fibrillation, premature ventricular contractions and thickening and hardening of left ventricle. How is it now? I have a lot more energy and rarely run out of breath. My problems that were supposedly permanent, are now completely gone. This has been confirmed by my cardiologist and testing by Total Health Clinic. Bes... Read More

- David

What was it like before you came to see us? I came to Total Health Natural Medicine Clinic on the recommendation of a couple of co-workers even though I felt healthy. I opt out of the health insurance offered at my job so I was looking for some health assurance. While I was working on healing a couple organs with low energy, I learned how to improve my already decent diet. I substituted whole wheat bread and tortillas with vegetables and low-sugar fruit. Now I pair a healthy protein with a fruit or vegetable for each of my 5-6 meals. Without going to the gym, I lost about 10-15 lbs. in four mo... Read More

- Teresa

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