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Meet your health specialist

Martin Johnson

DHM, Owner and Natural Health Consultant


Martin has spent more than 25 years researching and educating people how to take back their health. He can be found guest lecturing throughout the year on natural health topics. He has a passion to help identify root causes of health conditions and help turn the momentum of his client’s health in a positive direction.

Clinical services Martin Johnson specializes in include:

Natural fatigue remedies

Chronic fatigue is the feeling of tiredness that doesn’t go away with sleep. It’s usually difficult to treat, but at Total Health, we alleviate fatigue with all-natural therapies. We listen to your specific symptoms and work with you to form a wellness plan with long-lasting effects.

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Natural Therapies & Remedies for Pain Relief

Eliminate Pain Naturally

Alleviate your pain with Total Health’s natural remedies and products. Our holistic doctors have experience with chronic and acute pain relief. We’ll listen to your specific symptoms and work with you to form a wellness plan.



Natural remedies & therapies for stress

There are physical consequences of stress. The body can become out of balance with chronic stress & needs to recover before it functions properly again. Our naturopathic practitioners can test for imbalances in the body & form a comprehensive plan to get your health back on track.

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All-natural thyroid remedies

Total Health has a high number of clients who are suffering from thyroid disease. This isn’t surprising—a majority of people who have thyroid disease are undiagnosed or are diagnosed incorrectly. Most doctors test for thyroid hormone levels through blood tests but just because the hormones are present in your body doesn’t mean that your body is processing the hormones correctly. Total Health diagnoses hormone irregularities and helps you correct them with integrative therapies.

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Natural remedies for autoimmune disorders

An autoimmune disorder is when your own immune response is attacking healthy organs or tissue.

The immune system attacks because there is toxicity in that tissue that the immune system is trying to clean up. If the immune system cannot clean toxins up, it can dysregulate & attack healthy tissue.

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Therapies & remedies for chronic inflammation

Prevent disease & eliminate discomfort

Inflammation is associated with chronic diseases & conditions. We use state-of-the-art equipment to test for inflammation & our diverse team of holistic practitioners knows how to fight it. 

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Holistic weight loss clinic

The more we understand about our bodies, the better we can achieve our health goals naturally. Starting a diet is hard, but our nutritionists, physical therapists and homeopathic doctors can help your body adapt to lose weight quickly. We create a plan that works for you and give you the tools to stick with it.

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Holistic health coaching

Get to the root cause of disease

Finding the root cause of a disease is necessary to prevent future illnesses. Our clinicians develop nutritional plans specific to each patient's wellbeing. Work one-on-one with a health coach to set goals and transform your lifestyle. 

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Partnered with Standard Process

Standard Process partners with qualified health care professionals to distribute supplements, test kits, and other products that promote natural health. They are committed to providing clients with nutrients as they are found in nature to maximize their effectiveness. See top Standard Process products now:

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