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Meet your practitioners

Manda Johnson

Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Health Coach


Coach Manda brings years of experience in natural healing to her massage practice. She received her training at the Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy and is certified in CPR AED, first aid for Health Care Professionals and as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Mona Eberle

MSc in Health Fitness Management and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy, Neurofeedback Clinician


Mona has years of world-wide experience in Naturopathic Health and Nutrition. She holds a BSc in Exercise Physiology from the University of Munich, an MSc in Health Fitness Management and Nutrition from the American University in WDC and an MSc in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dublin, Ireland. Her passion is to empower clients to become their own best health advocate and to support them on their healing journey, no matter what dis-ease they are struggling with. She is delighted to be here in beautiful Wisconsin and loves the kindness and gentle spirit of the Mid-Westerners.

Paige Welsh

BS, MS Nutrition & Practitioner in Natural Health


Paige has a passion for helping people recapture their health. She has her degree in Community Health Education & Nutrition, and a Master's degree in Human/Clinical Nutrition. Her own health experiences drive her to actively pursue health as a way of life, personally and professionally. Her areas of expertise reside in autoimmunity, thyroid health, hormonal health, digestion, detoxification and fatigue.

Our core values

  1. Your body has the natural ability to heal itself
    The body can heal itself but it needs help first. A person can recover from illness when the underlying causes of symptoms are found & treated.
  2. Your body is uniquely different from anyone else’s
    Every person has their own unique need so we create a customized treatment plan for each client. You are responsible for your own healing, but we are there to guide, educate & provide encouragement. We listen to your problems thoroughly & answer any questions you may have.
  3. Your symptoms are not an exact representation of what is wrong with your body
    Your symptoms are just your body’s way of expressing that something isn’t right. We look at your body as a whole to find the problems. We do not make any assumptions, and we take your emotional and mental health into account.
  4. You don’t have to settle for medications that produce all sorts of side effects
    We provide natural, non-toxic remedies that don't come with a long list of complications.
  5. You need to make lifestyle changes in order to heal and prevent future diseases
    Educating clients about natural and nutritional products as "preventative medicine" is the key to long-term health. It is easier and cheaper to prevent diseases than it is to treat them.
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Clinical Services

Our team of holistic practitioners determines the best way to alleviate your symptoms based on non-invasive testing and your wellness goals. We target the root cause of inflammation & heavy metal toxicity at the cellular level so that you can take back control of your health instead of managing symptoms. Our main clinical services include:

All Clinical Services

Free upcoming seminars

in Menomonee Falls & New Berlin

Our seminars show you how holistic medicine can change your life. We are ready to explain the science behind weight loss resistance, thyroid hormone regulation, and chronic fatigue.

Total Health Coronavirus Policies

What are we doing to keep clients & staff safe?

We are committed to safely serving our clients in store & at our clinics.

To protect everyone's health and maintain social distancing, we have put new protection policies in place including but not limited to:

  1. Sanitizing all major touch points regularly throughout the day
  2. Offering curbside pick-up or shipping for all products
  3. Featuring recorded versions of all our seminars
Questions? Contact our Total Health nutrition centers in Menomonee Falls or New Berlin.


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