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How Natural Health Coaching Benefits You

Natural health coaching is a personalized and supportive process offering numerous benefits for individuals seeking to improve their health and quality of life. Whether you're struggling with a chronic health condition, looking to boost your energy levels or simply aiming to lead a healthier lifestyle, our natural health coaches act as your guiding light on your transformative journey to renewal.

One of the primary benefits of natural health coaching is the individualized approach it offers. Each person's health needs and goals are unique, and a natural health coach takes the time and care to individualize your health journey to meet your exact needs. During one-on-one sessions, your health coach will assess your current health status, listen to your concerns and design a holistic health plan specifically tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our natural health coaches help you navigate the overwhelming amount of information available about health and wellness, and, with their expertise in natural medicine and holistic approaches, provide evidence-based advice and recommend natural remedies to complement your lifestyle and enhance your overall health.

Working with a natural health coach will help you immensely in becoming more accountable as you progress on your health journey. Your natural health coach at Total Health Inc. will provide ongoing support and encouragement to help you stay on track and achieve your desired health outcomes.


What Our Holistic Health Coaches Will Teach You


At Total Health, our natural health coaches are highly trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of natural medicine and holistic health practices. When you embark on a coaching journey with us, here's what you can expect to learn:

Holistic Nutrition: A crucial aspect of holistic health coaching is nutrition. Our health coaches will guide you in making informed choices about the foods you consume, focusing on nutrient-dense options to support your body's unique needs. Our coaches will educate you on the importance of balanced meals and teach you how to incorporate fresh, whole foods into your diet while minimizing or eliminating processed and harmful foods and substances.

Stress Management: Chronic stress has a detrimental impact on your overall health. Our natural health coaches will teach you effective stress management techniques such as mindfulness practices, meditation and relaxation exercises to help you combat stress and achieve a sense of calm and mental clarity.

Lifestyle Modifications: Achieving and maintaining good health involves making positive lifestyle changes. You and your health coach will create a plan for a regular exercise or daily movement routine and develop strategies to help you get enough sleep and make time for healthy habits to promote your complete wellness- body, mind and soul.

Supplement Guidance: Our natural health coaches are well-versed in the benefits of supplements derived from natural sources. Our holistic health coaches will educate you on the appropriate use of natural medicine, ensuring you understand which supplements will enhance your wellness and correct your nutrient deficiencies. 

Emotional and Spiritual well-being: Our holistic health coaching goes beyond the physical aspects of health. Your coach will help you establish emotional and spiritual well-being and teach you how to foster a deeper connection with yourself while nurturing a positive mindset.

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking: Your health coach will work with you to set realistic and achievable health goals. Our health coaches will track your progress and make adjustments to your holistic health plan as needed, ensuring you stay motivated and on the path to success.


Our core values of NATURAL health coaching


  1. Your body has the natural ability to heal itself
    With help, your body can heal itself. We believe a person has the potential to recover from illness and remain illness-free when the underlying causes of symptoms are found & treated with care.
  2. Your body is uniquely different from anyone else’s
    Every person has their own unique needs, so we create a customized treatment plan for you unlike anyone else's. While you are ultimately responsible for your own healing, we are always here to guide you and to provide you with education and encouragement on your holistic health journey. We listen to your problems thoroughly & answer any questions you may have about supplements, lifestyle changes, diet and more.
  3. Your symptoms are not an exact representation of what is wrong with your body
    Your symptoms are your body’s way of expressing something is off. Rather than treating your symptoms, we analyze your body as a whole to find the problems causing your symptoms. We do not make any assumptions, and we place your mental and emotional well-being at the forefront of your care. 
  4. You don’t have to settle for heavy medications with harsh side effects
    We provide effective natural medicines without a long list of complications to help you heal without harmful side effects.
  5. You need to make lifestyle changes in order to heal and prevent future diseases
    Educating clients about lifestyle modifications, natural foods and nutritional supplements as preventative medicine are the keys to long-term health. Preventing disease is much more ideal and much more affordable than treating it.

Holistic health coaching with a natural health coach is a transformative and empowering experience. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to guiding you on your journey to optimal health and well-being. Through personalized guidance, evidence-based practices and ongoing support, we aim to help you achieve lasting positive changes in your life. Take the first step toward a healthier and more fulfilling life by partnering with our holistic health coaches today!

Contact Total Health to schedule a holistic health coaching appointment at either our Menomonee Falls or New Berlin locations.

Now serving Milwaukee, Waukesha, New Berlin, Menomonee Falls & beyond.

Meet your practitioners

Martin Johnson

DHM, Owner and Natural Health Consultant


Martin has spent more than 25 years researching and educating people how to take back their health. He can be found guest lecturing throughout the year on natural health topics. He has a passion to help identify root causes of health conditions and help turn the momentum of his client’s health in a positive direction.

Cindy Welch

BS in Human Nutrition and MS in Clinical Nutrition


Cindy has a passion for nutrition which led to her career as a functional nutritionist. She received her bachelors degree in Human Nutrition and Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. Cindy has worked for over 20 years with clients on improving their nutrition and positively empowering them to make lasting lifestyle changes that improve their health.

Connie Hurley-Pronley

M.S., Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Certified Red Light Therapy Practitioner


Coming from a career as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Connie has always been dedicated to helping people, and her passion for natural health stemmed from being a Total Health client for almost 20 years. After becoming certified as a PraiseMoves Instructor and Biblical Health Coach, Connie was motivated to pursue holistic health coaching. She studied and obtained further certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Gluten-Free Practitioner, as well as a Certified Red Light Therapy Practitioner.

Mona Eberle

MSc in Health Fitness Management and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy, BCIA Certified Neurofeedback Clinician


Mona has years of world-wide experience in Naturopathic Health and Nutrition. She holds a BSc in Exercise Physiology from the University of Munich, an MSc in Health Fitness Management and Nutrition from the American University in WDC and an MSc in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dublin, Ireland. Her passion is to empower clients to become their own best health advocate and to support them on their healing journey, no matter what dis-ease they are struggling with. She is delighted to be here in beautiful Wisconsin and loves the kindness and gentle spirit of the Mid-Westerners.


in Menomonee FallsNew Berlin

Our seminars show you how holistic medicine can change your life. We are ready to explain the science behind naturopathic medicine, weight loss resistance, thyroid hormone regulation, and chronic fatigue.

Check back soon! 2023 seminars are on their way!

REAL Customer Testimonials & Reviews

From my experiences with Total Health and Dr. Marty, I’ve been able to conquer existing symptoms to regain strength, vitality and overall well-being. Marty does a thorough job to identify the underlying problems with one’s own health to bring a valid solution forward. Like anything, you get what you put in. Total Health targets real issues with people and their health and it is up to you to commit to the natural healing process. By getting to the root of the problem of your symptoms, health issues get resolved without relying on surgeries or prescription drugs. It is in my opinion that the sta... Read More

- Alex

Losing weight, improving my nutrition, and increasing my energy levels throughout the day were my main concerns when I first walked into Total Health Nutrition Center. Throughout my health journey at Total Health, I learned to listen to my body and learned that victories aren’t always on the scale. Paige Welsh was a huge inspiration, she educated me about living a more holistic and healthy life by balancing my social, mental, and physical health. My favorite improvement thus far is my increase in energy levels and my overall healthy lifestyle change that was all achieved through Total Health. Read More

- Amy

Before working with Total Health, I had problems with persistent psoriasis, trouble falling asleep and relaxing, was overweight, and had ugly yellowing fingernails. Now, I am still on topical medication for psoriasis but my skin has stayed the clearest it has been for as long as I can remember. My fingernails have improved as well. I have lost 15 lbs., fall asleep without a problem most nights, and have more energy than ever. Read More

- Ann

My glucose went from 136 to 97 and my triglycerides went from 886 to 136! Thank you, Marty for all you have done for our family! My husband continues to lose weight and I am so thankful he has finally chosen to extend his life by taking care of himself. Read More

- Anne C.

I absolutely love this store! They have high quality products and often run sales so you can get a good price. Staff is amazing. They will get to know you by name and be very genuine with you. If they don't have what you need and can get it, they will. Read More

- Carol

What was it like before you came in to see us? Before Total Health, I came with arthritis in my spine and neck. I had mild to severe on and off pain, and a ruptured disc in my thorax. I had frequent burning and tingling sensations in my left arm, limiting my abilities. My neurosurgeon suggested I had cortisone infection and eventually get surgery. How is it now? After taking Boswellia and Ligaplex for several weeks, the tingling and burning sensation was gone. There was no need for surgery at this point and have full use of my left arm. Read More

- Charlotte C.

When I first came to see Marty Johnson, my main concern was high levels of cholesterol with secondary issues of hair loss, brittle nails, and leg cramps. I was given instruction on healthy eating habits along with aggregate supplements and daily aerobic exercise. I made a bold commitment to discipline myself to follow these guidelines faithfully (which is one important key to my success). It is now a permanent lifestyle which I reaping the benefits of victory over high cholesterol (secondary symptoms subsiding) and balanced overall health.   How is it now? Here are the stats: Age: 63 Sex: Fema... Read More

- Connie B.

What was it like before you came to see us? Before I saw Marty, I was diagnosed with Asthma, Acid Reflux, and stress related issues. How is it now? Now my asthma, is under control, I have no symptoms with acid reflux, and my stress level is back to normal. I have recommended Marty to at least 10-15 of my friends and family. I was even encouraged by my physician to continue to see Marty while he’s monitoring my health progress. Read More

- Courtney

What were your main health concerns when you first walked into Total Health Nutrition Center? Weight Loss, Fatigue, Nutrition What has been your favorite improvement in your health thus far? Increased Energy, Overall Healthy Lifestyle Changes What was the most valuable thing you have learned on your health journey? To listen to my body and not stare at the scale If you could encourage someone about why to start their own health journey with the Total Health team, what would it be? It is holistic wellness and the focus will always be on improving the priority concerns first at a pace most comfo... Read More

- Cynthia

Over the past few years my allergies have become more and more severe. It had gotten to the point that I was sick at work every day because of my sensitivity to fragrances. I was taking allergy medication every day and had been getting allergy shots for over three years. I had daily headaches, muscle aches, sore throat, difficulty breathing and congestion. A friend mentioned that I might have a food allergy and I should check it out. I made an appointment for food allergy testing with my doctor but as I was searching for information on the web I checked out Total Health Nutrition Center that I... Read More

- Darcy

What was it like before you came in to see us? Before I came to see Dr. Marty, I had the following health issues: Migraines weekly Constant pain in both hips Constant pain in my left knee High blood pressure 25+ pounds overweight I really had no energy. I always felt tired. I also had to have my two cups of coffee, every morning and a sugar fix (candy bar, brownie or homemade dessert) every afternoon. How is it now? I did the 3-week detox and didn’t cheat at all while on the detox. I also exercised 3-4 times per week. As a result, my migraines, hip pain, knee pain, high blood pressure and 25... Read More

- Doris

I have been a client for years and have experienced quite a transformation in my health. Marty Johnson possesses immense knowledge on topics my regular MDs knew nothing about (heavy metal toxicity and detox challenges being my main issues). The entire staff here is very friendly and knowledgeable. I consider Total Health Nutrition Center an excellent resource and a much-needed support system for my health and well-being. Read More

- Elizabeth

What was your health like before you came to see us? I was very sluggish with no energy. My cholesterol was very high and I had weight gain with other menopausal symptoms. How is your health now? Fantastic! My cholesterol is under control, I have a lot of energy and my weight is under control. My heat flashes are gone!! Read More

- G.E.

I want to take a minute and express my thankfulness. When I first came to Total Health, I felt hopeless and lost. Over the last year and a half, you have not only helped me physically, but have been an encouragement to my life as well. I am very happy we found you! Read More

- H.K.

After working with Martin Johnson and the Total Health Complementary Medicine Clinic, I’ve nearly lost 22lbs in three weeks on a detoxification and cleanse program. Read More

- James

What was it like before you came in to see us? When I came to see Marty I was pretty much at the lowest point physically that I have ever been. I was very tired, fatigued, had joint pains, and very painful side pains. After working with Marty on my troubled areas for 6 months, I have lost weight but more importantly, my health has greatly improved. I no longer lie on the couch at the end of my workday because of exhaustion or pain. How is it now? Besides some weight loss, my health has improved. I feel so much better and energetic. My joints feel so much better. I used to get hip injections ev... Read More

- Jamie

What was it like before you came to see us? Constant burning in my throat for 3 1/2 years. Burning pain from my throat to my stomach most times. Bowels not moving very well for 3 ½ years. How is it now? All of the above problems have cleared up and I am feeling great! Read More

- J. M. H.

What was it like before you came to see us? Our grandson was addicted to prescription drugs for 6 years. We tried to kick the habit on his own, but could not. A clinic had him attend the 12 step program and prescribed him Suboxone, but soon was addicted to this drug that was to help him. He felt ashamed, had chest pains, could not concentrate, anxiety, insomnia, short memory, and the list went on and on. Out of state, holistic center I was recommended with thousands of dollars in cost and loss of his job. After an overdose, our chiropractor recommended Dr. Johnson at Total Health Care in Menom... Read More

- Joe R.

Looking back at my recent laboratory tests, which I had done on 9/7, they were within normal acceptable limits. With the help of Total Health Nutrition Center, working together we have cured the diabetes by my weight loss exercise and lifestyle changes. Read More

- John

What was your health like before you came to see us? Physically, I was overweight and my joints were stiff and sore. I had “brain fog” at various times and became easily overwhelmed at perceived difficult tasks or events. My emotions or feelings would be on an up and down cycle, with sometimes overeating to various life events. Also, my skin was dry around my eyes and hands. How is your health now? My weight has decreased (and this wasn’t my number 1 goal!) I am no longer experiencing stiffness or pain in my joints. I’m waking up in the morning feeling more rested. My ‘brain fog’ has disappear... Read More

- John D.

I am impressed with Alli’s speech and language progress this year. Alli is far more intelligibly verbal and using short phrases in the school setting. Alli verbally greets me with a hello and one to two reciprocal exchanges each time I come to get her for a speech session. I have also seen her initiate a greeting to a peer verbally this school year. The latency in response when she verbally answers a question is significantly decreased as well this year, many times it is immediate or within 5 seconds. Alli is quite proficient with the use of the iTouch using the Proloquo2Go Communication App a... Read More

- Katherine

What was it like before you came in to see us? Before coming in, I had a lot of difficulty with anxiety, bloating, headaches. All around feeling lousy! I seemed to have very little energy and after walking up two flights of stairs, I would be breathless! I also ate a lot of the wrong foods. Too much sugar. I had a nervous feeling all the time. How is it now? After sticking with the new eating habits and taking supplements, I can honestly say I feel 100% better. I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their health and overall well-being to come and see Dr. Johnson. You won’t regret it. I ... Read More

- Kathryn

Since I’ve been working on my program with Total Health, I now find it easy to maintain my current ideal weight. The health and nutrition knowledge I received from Total Health is not only priceless, but empowering as well. Read More

- Katy

What was it like before you came to see us? Slurred speech, people couldn’t understand me. I staggered and fell down a lot for no reason. I couldn’t walk straight and walked like a drunk. I have cerebellum atrophy. How is it now? I speak better where people can actually understand me. I haven’t fallen down since I started the program. I walk straighter without struggling. If I stop taking the supplements, there is a huge difference. Read More

- K.D.

What was it like before you came in to see us? I was bleeding under my skin and had mottled purple sports that looked like bruises. I also had fungus on my nails. My kids and my wife begged me to try Total Health. I was very skeptical and challenged Marty to explain the procedure as well as his background and if he was practicing continuing education. He kindly spent extended time answering my questions and I felt more confident to try kinesiology. The change/improvement in my health is what kept me coming back. I could see it was working. How is your health now? Within 3 weeks, the bleeding s... Read More

- Ken L.

Total Health was my last hope. And Praise God…… MY LAST STOP!! I cannot say enough about the care I have received here. Marty Johnson is a very gifted and dedicated man. His staff, also dedicated, professional, organized, caring and knowledgeable. From my first visit on, I felt as though I was their most important patient here. The kindness and caring was a HUGE part of my healing. Unlike other health care providers, somebody really cared about my health, I was monitored very closely. The techniques Marty uses are scientifically proven and individually tailored to your specific needs. Finally ... Read More

- KIm

What was your health like before? I had problems with persistent psoriasis, trouble falling asleep and relaxing, was overweight, and had ugly yellowish fingernails. How is your health now? I am still on topical medication for psoriasis but my skin has stayed the clearest it has been for as long as I can remember. My fingernails have improved as well. I have lost 15 pounds, fall asleep without a problem most nights, and have more energy than ever. Read More

- Kristine

What was it like before you came to see us? I was always tired, no energy. I had trouble sleeping and it seemed that every time I ate, it hurt my stomach. How is it now? In just a few months I am sleeping better, eating foods that now don’t hurt my stomach and I have more energy. I have had to change lots of my diet, which at first I wasn’t sure I could even do, now I’m so glad that I did and I don’t miss any of the junk that I was eating. Feeling better and sleeping better has helped me so much. Thank you Dr. Marty. Read More

- Mary A.

What was your health like before you came to see us? I have Crone’s and I was not feeling well. I didn’t know how to take better care of my health. How is your health now? I am doing so much better. I have lost 14 pounds and I am eating better and feeling great! I also have cut back on my regular meds from the doctor. Read More

- Michaela

Marty, I woke up this morning with a plugged left ear and muted hearing. After using the supplements that you suggested, my ear cleared up a few hours later and now it’s fine. Read More

- Mike

What was your health like before you came to see us? I was dealing with migraines 5-6 times a week, feeling lethargic, fatigued and always had an afternoon slump. How is your health now? Great! I don’t remember ever feeling as great as I do now. I am down to 1 migraine a month, have energy and never get tired in the afternoon. I have learned so much from everyone at Total health and look forward to a continued relationship for any health needs. Read More

- Mindy

What was it like before you came to see us? I have always had excellent health. I am very active. I’m a runner, do strength training and have been a Step Aerobics instructor for over 20 years. But, I have always had high cholesterol due to heredity. I came to Total Health for help with my cholesterol and to improve my eating habits. Like I said, I didn’t feel bad and very seldom get sick. I didn’t want to go on medication for my cholesterol because of the many side effects. How is your health now? I have been a client at Total Health for about 1 ½ years. I have made several changes to my diet.... Read More

- Pam O.

What was your health like before you came to see us? Prior to coming to Total Health, my weight was in excess, and my energy level much lower. Since I started to take vitamins on a regular basis daily, my energy level has drastically increased. How is your health now? My energy has greatly increased and my eating habits have changed for the better. Read More

- Patricia

What was your health like before you came to see us? I had a lot of pain. I ate whatever I wanted even though I knew it would cause adverse effects. I was somewhat depressed but I think that was lifted. How is your health now? I want to join the YMCA and I think I can do that now - before I was afraid of hurting my back even more. My joint is better and my ankles are no longer swollen which was a lifetime problem. My itchy scalp is now gone as well. Read More

- Patricia C.

What was your health like before you came to see us? I was chronically sick with infections (upper respiratory) stomach discomfort, very low energy and ability to focus. My quality of life was greatly diminished. I spent years and thousands of dollars searching for the cause in the traditional medical model. That system failed to assist me, they all failed to identify the cause of the cure. How is your health now? Dr. Marty Johnson has been a tremendous source of health and education. His work has dramatically improved my overall well-being. Dr. Marty quickly identified the cause and guided me... Read More

- Patty M.

Just wanted to say Thank You for helping us with the light sensitivity issue that Hadassah had. She has been taking her pills and liquid daily and now she seems to be completely better… We are totally thrilled. On another exciting note, Isaiah’s blood work came back and the hepatic tone has been working great, his liver numbers are now in the normal range for the first time since he was at the hospital a year and a half ago. He is still showing allergens as they have elevated so we will continue to avoid milk. Read More

- Paul

What was it like before you came to see us? I was suffering from extreme fatigue, frequent urination, headaches, and never-ending cold symptoms. I also was also retaining water and had severe allergies. How is it now? Since my detox from round one, all of my fatigue disappeared and my cold symptoms subsided all thru the month where I would generally be sick the whole season. After my detox from round two, with an employed diet, my frequent irritation disappeared and my headaches haven’t returned at all. My allergies still react a bit, but not as extreme as before. Very mild now in comparison. Read More

- P.C.

What was your health like before you came to see us? My daughter lived in her own little world. She was very intelligent but painfully introverted. She would easily get overwhelmed by too much stimuli. At that point it was very difficult to communicate with her. When she was overwhelmed, she would not understand what you were saying, not could she explain what she was thinking or what she misunderstood. She also was very uncomfortable with being touched, hugged or kissed by her parents. It was very difficult.  How is your health now? It is wonderful to have her back again! She now talks quite ... Read More

- Peter F.

In October 2012, I was diagnosed with upper respiratory infection. After being treated with three different antibiotics, it was finally diagnosed in January 2013 as Grave’s disease, a thyroid issue. I started seeing an endocrinologist and was put on methimazole. The major symptoms are severe fatigue, heart palpitations and weight loss subsided but after more than a year on the medication, all the symptoms were not resolved and I was concerned about being on methimazole. Thus my interest spiked when I learned about the seminar at Total Health Center. After my husband and I attended Marty’s semi... Read More

- Sally S.

What was it like before you came to see us? Before I came to see Dr. Johnson, I was miserable. I was stuffy and congested, had shortness of breath, my eyes burned and itched, and I was tired all the time. I felt my allergies were getting worse as days went by. I was also bloated, constipated, had frequent headaches, muscle aches and stiffness. My diet was not balanced and had too much sugar. How is it now? Dr. Johnson helped me with new eating habits and supplements. I felt so much better. In two weeks I could breathe better, my eyes felt 100% better. I was not bloated and constipated anymore.... Read More

- Sandra

What was it like before you came to see us? Before coming in, I had a lot of pain from acid reflux and pressure tension headaches. My body seemed totally unbalanced with an unending myriad of allergic reactions to many unknown things. I was afraid of eating just about everything except very bland foods. After months of no improvements, I began to despair of ever feeling any better. How is it now? After coming in I was greatly relieved to have these strange symptoms addressed & the root causes uncovered and treated with whole food supplements. It was wondrously simple and noninvasive. Everythin... Read More

- Sandra W.

What was your health like before you came to see us? Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and insomnia How is your health now? After about 5 months of following the program, eating healthier and taking the recommended Standard Process supplements, I feel much better. I’m sleeping better, no more mood swings and the hot flashes and night sweats are gone!!! Read More

- Sandy

What was it like before you came to see us? Before I came to Total Health, my body was very taxed and exhausted. My adrenal and thyroid glands were exhausted as well as other areas of my body. I had trouble with acne and my digestion struggled. My muscle mass had decreased as well How is it now? Since coming to Total Health, I have seen significant improvement in the strength of vital organs. My adrenal glands and thyroids now show perfect 10 strength when tested rather than the 0 level strength they showed when tested 2 months ago. My muscle mass has increased and so has my energy. Thank you,... Read More

- Shay G.

What was it like before you came to see us? I generally felt a lack of energy and increasingly periods of highs & lows with regard to mental focus and agility. I was having some difficulties with weight fluctuation and sometimes a feeling of being bloated. At times I would also have periods of feeling anxious that would impact my general sense of well-being. How is your health now? I am making excellent progress. I feel much more focused and no longer feel that afternoon drop of energy. I no longer experience the feeling of always being tired and fatigued. My weight has steadily dropped 5 mont... Read More

- Steven

What was your health like before you came to see us? Poor – I had frequent, chronic issues with digestion, stomach pain and feel sick in general. I also had significant depression. My body temperature seemed to fluctuate and I often had cold hands and feet. How is your health now? Very good – I’ve learned some of my triggers for stomach pain and related issues. The dietary changes I’ve made have created a significant improvement in how I feel on a daily basis. In addition, the supplements have been very helpful in how I feel mentally and physically as well. Thank you to everyone at Total Healt... Read More

- Tiffany

What was it like before you came to see us? I was so sick of dieting and exercising with no results. It was like my body stopped responding to both. I felt bloated all the time, felt heavy, had mood swings, my periods were long, painful and frequent. My energy level was not what it used to be. I felt like a mess and I didn’t want to be on my way to being a fat, old, loser. I knew because I was over 50, that my metabolism would change, but I was not willing to go there! I’m so grateful that I found Marty Johnson- who put me on the purification program. How is it now? It’s so true that it takes ... Read More

- Vera

Clinical Services

Our team of holistic practitioners determines the best way to alleviate your symptoms based on non-invasive testing and your wellness goals. We target the root cause of inflammation & heavy metal toxicity at the cellular level so that you can take back control of your health instead of managing symptoms. Our most popular clinical services include:

All Clinical Services

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