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Connie B.

When I first came to see Marty Johnson, my main concern was high levels of cholesterol with secondary issues of hair loss, brittle nails, and leg cramps. I was given instruction on healthy eating habits along with aggregate supplements and daily aerobic exercise. I made a bold commitment to discipline myself to follow these guidelines faithfully (which is one important key to my success). It is now a permanent lifestyle which I reaping the benefits of victory over high cholesterol (secondary symptoms subsiding) and balanced overall health.


How is it now?

Here are the stats:

Age: 63

Sex: Female

                Before                                                  After

Cholesterol               244                                   160

HDL                          63                                     58

LDL                           172                                    92

Weight                       122                                   108


This was accomplished in a 4 month period. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.

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