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Relax to Sleep Better: The 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise

Use this simple tool to achieve general relaxation and manage stress. Read Full Article

Signs of Protein Deficiency & Obtaining the Right Amount

How to know if you have a protein deficiency, and how to fix it. Read Full Article

Look and Feel Better with a Rejuvenating Acupressure Facial

For glowing skin, infinite good looks, and stress relief. Read Full Article

Stress and Anxiety Promote Your Chances of Getting Sick

Person with anxiety or stress

Combating stress and anxiety issues is one of the best ways to defend against illness and disease. Read Full Article

Practical Ways to Stay Healthy and Keep Your Immune System Strong

Green Tea

Having a strong immune system will help protect you from invaders such as viruses and bacteria, shorten the duration if you do get sick, keep your energy high, ... Read Full Article

Root Causes & Natural Solutions to ADHD

Natural Remedies for ADHD

By changing your lifestyle and nutrition, you can completely reverse or reduce the symptoms caused by ADHD. Read Full Article

The Root Cause of Most Modern Diseases and Illnesses

Inflammation: Root Cause of Modern Disease

It is now well known that inflammation is a root cause to most modern day diseases and illnesses, and by understanding how you become inflamed and the implicati... Read Full Article

Why You Need an Omega 3 Test

Why You Need an Omega 3 Test even if you consume a lot of fish, or take fish oil supplements.

It is estimated that only 2% of the population has adequate omega 3 levels. This is due to a lack of regular consumption of foods like fish, flaxseeds, chia see... Read Full Article

3 secrets of weight loss

Learn the secrets to natural weight loss. Read Full Article

The Thyroid’s Connected to the… Optic Nerve?

While the optic nerve doesn’t control the thyroid or vice versa, your eyes’ ability to pick out contrast can be an indicator of how toxins are impacting nerve t... Read Full Article

Naturopathic Support After Thyroid Removal Surgery

If you’ve had your Thyroid removed, you know how difficult it can be to balance your post-surgery hormone replacement medicine. Read Full Article

My Gallbladder is Gone, but My Symptoms Aren’t!

If you're still experiencing symptoms of gallbladder problems after having yours removed, it's likely because an underlying problem was never addressed. Read Full Article

Cellular Inflammation: The Basics

Cellular Inflammation helps protect us from bacteria, viruses, and parasites. But our environment has evolved to expose us to new "threats" faster than our bodi... Read Full Article

How Therapeutic Massage can Provide Relief for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is terrible. Therapeutic massage can help relieve you from your suffering. Read Full Article

Be a Winning Weekend Warrior, Not a Wounded One

When Spring brings back outdoor activity in Wisconsin, make sure you prepare your body for the change. Read Full Article

How to Help Prevent Falls in the Older Adults You Love

We're all aware of how serious a fall can be to our elderly loved ones. Here's how you can help prevent it from happening. Read Full Article

How Toxic Estrogen Could be Sabotaging Your Health (and 3 things you can do about it)

If you're experiencing migraines, or peri-menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, weight gain, thyroid problems, etc. this might be the issue. Read Full Article

Are you tired of being tired?

Well, are you? Adrenal stress might be the problem...and this might be YOUR answer. Read Full Article

Understanding Different Types of Massage

Different massages help in different ways. Here's a quick guide. Read Full Article

Stress, fatigue and adrenal health – what you need to know

In this stress-filled world, adrenal fatigue is a common side effect of our adrenal glands working overtime. Read Full Article

The Secret to Food Sensitivities and Healing Root Causes

We have more food allergies now more than ever. But why? Read Full Article

3 Crucial Exercise Benefits Most People Don't Recognize

Exercise can be beneficial in ways you probably wouldn't think of. Read Full Article

How Intermittent Fasting Helps

You've probably heard about how great intermittent fasting can be, well here's some reasons why. Read Full Article

Why Test Results Appear Normal for Organ Functions, But You Still Experience Symptoms

The problem may be the blood test itself, but that doesn't mean good news. Read Full Article

Sugar and Carbs Can Kill You

High intake of sugar and carbohydrates can have detrimental effects on your body over time. Read Full Article

Potential Hidden Causes of Headaches or Migraines

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, these might be why. Read Full Article

How to Correct Forward Head Posture

How to avoid and correct "Forward Head Posture" Read Full Article

Maximizing the Use of CBD for Chronic Pain

Pairing CBD with other spices, vitamins, and minerals can boost its effects in unique ways. Read Full Article

Natural, Simple and Effective Tips for Acne

Acne can be hard to solve. Here's a few easy and natural suggestions to try yourself. Read Full Article

Oil Washing an Amazing Solution for Clearer Skin

Oil washing can help reduce breakouts and moisturize the skin. Read Full Article

Benefits of Dry Brushing to Detoxify

Brushing the hair and teeth is routine self-care for most people, but many haven’t heard of skin brushing. Read Full Article

How the Hypothalamus Plays a Role in Weight Loss

How the Hypothalamus Plays a Role in Weight Loss

When talking about weight loss, we need to look at the big picture in order to get down to the root cause of weight gain and/or weight loss resistance. An often... Read Full Article

Could Inefficiency in Heart Cell Function Be making You Weak and Tired?

If chronic weakness and fatigue are something you suffer from, you should read this. Read Full Article

The Dangerous Toxins Lurking in Your Water

The chemicals and heavy metals we are exposed to through our tap water. Read Full Article

How to Support the Immune System with Essential Oils

How to Support the Immune System with Essential Oils

Essential oils are very effective against airborne diseases because of their volatile nature and their anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral qualities. Read Full Article

Wholistic Medicine: Finding Answers to Thyroid and Immune Mysteries

Wholistic Medicine: Finding Answers to Thyroid and Immune Mysteries

Many people think that taking a holistic approach to health primarily involves simply taking a natural health supplement. It really is more than that. Read Full Article

Gaining Weight in Quarantine?

Gaining Weight in Quarantine?

Being home more hours than we like, with our refrigerators humming away in close proximity, many of us are being overwhelmed with food thoughts and cravings. Read Full Article

Natural Approaches to Seasonal Allergies

Natural Approaches to Seasonal Allergies - Woman blowing nose surrounded by pollen.

There is no need to constantly grab for the Kleenex or Benadryl, as there is many nutritional, supplemental, and lifestyle changes that can dramatically reduce ... Read Full Article

Are the “3 Amigos” Making You Fat?

   Are the “3 Amigos” Making You Fat?

The three hormones, or the “3 Amigos,” that have a great potential to make us fat. Read Full Article

Why We Need Pro- and Pre-Biotics

Why We Need Pro- and Pre-Biotics

It’s mind-blowing when we explore what bacteria can do for us: they train our immune system to keep us well over our lifetime, they make vitamins for us, they a... Read Full Article

10 Strategies for Improving Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

 10 Strategies for Improving Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune condition that leads to an underactive thyroid. It is most common in middle-aged women. It is estimated that 27 million... Read Full Article

Why and How CBD Oil Provides Health Benefits

Why and how CBD Oil is as beneficial as it is. Read Full Article

The Truth to Achieving Healthy, Young-Looking Skin

We could try and sell you some fancy lotion or something, but really, it comes down to what you eat. Read Full Article

The Weight Loss – Detoxification Connection

There are many reasons why you may struggle with weight loss. But one of the most common is cellular toxicity, and here's what you can do about it. Read Full Article

Can Neurofeedback Help With My Anxiety?

Neurofeedback Anxiety can be improved with normalizing irregular brainwaves.

One of the main health complaints we see in our Neurofeedback clinic is uncontrolled, unrelenting anxiety. Neurofeedback teaches the brain to work differently, ... Read Full Article

The Importance of Vitamin D for Immunity

A pile of Vitamin D pills.

While most of us do get more exposure to natural sources of Vitamin D from the sun during summertime, I find that a lot of my clients are still too low in vitam... Read Full Article

Improving Energy Naturally & Energy Boosting Supplements

A tired woman, who needs advice on how to improve their energy naturally or could benefit from energy boosting supplements.

If you are experiencing a lack of energy, you do not have to accept it. We encourage people to find the root cause of their lack of energy because energy boosti... Read Full Article

CBD Questions Answered

CBD Questions Answered

Answers to the most common questions regarding CBD. Read Full Article

Neurofeedback Can Help With Brain Injuries

A man who suffered from a brain injury may see healing with neurofeedback for trauma.

Both big and small injuries to the brain can ignite a cascade of inflammation in the brain that is very difficult to stop. Read Full Article

How to Improve Your Skin Health Naturally

How to Improve Your Skin Health Naturally: Aging is less about time and more about “accumulation.” Women accumulate approximately 5 lbs. of toxins per year through body care items.

Aging is less about time and more about “accumulation.” Women accumulate approximately 5 lbs. of toxins per year through body care items. Find out how to reduce... Read Full Article

Can Neurofeedback Help Improve My Sleep?

Neurofeedback for insomnia instead of turning to supplements or medications.

For those of us struggling with sleep, whether it’s trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, we know how devastating and health robbing insomnia can be. There ... Read Full Article

Neurofeedback and Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety

Neurofeedback and Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety

it is easy to speculate that essential oils high in monoterpene compounds can be an excellent choice to safely manage stress, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Read Full Article

How to Choose the Right Sleep Aids for Your Sleep Problems

Everyone with problems sleeping has a unique issue. Here's a few unique solutions you might want to try. Read Full Article

Underlying Causes of Acid Reflux and Indigestion

Image of a girl struggling with indigestion that hasn't learned the underlying causes of acid reflux and indigestion.

It is estimated that up to 40% of individuals in the United States complain of acid reflux/indigestion weekly or even daily! Read Full Article

Feet Get Flatter Over Time

Sole Supports™ custom orthotics were designed to give feet back their missing structure and to prevent future decline. Janell Strupp, PT at Total Health Clinic ... Read Full Article

Chronic Inflammation in the Brain from a Past Injury

Chronic inflammation in the brain can be improved with Neurofeedback.

One of my first and most common observations on our Neurofeedback client’s brain maps, is elevated delta brain wave activity, which is linked to inflammation in... Read Full Article

Foods To Supercharge Your Brain!

Nutrients for brain health.

The more nutrient-dense and clean (best organic/toxin-free) your food choices are, the happier and healthier you are going to feel. And there are specific foods... Read Full Article

Neurofeedback’s Effects on ADD/ADHD, Anxiety & Insomnia

We recommend neurofeedback for anxiety because brainwaves can be guided back to healthy patterns.

With Neurofeedback, we can help teach the brain to train down beta waves in the left hemisphere, which will reduce/eliminate symptoms such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety ... Read Full Article

How Neurofeedback Helped Mona with Her Sleep Problems

Neurofeedback Insomnia: A woman laying awake because she either can't fall asleep or stay asleep, but Neurofeedback may help!

For me, my stress ignited terrible sleep patterns, leaving me with less than 5 hours of sleep per night for many years. Unless you have experienced insomnia, no... Read Full Article

Can Neurofeedback Help With Chronic Pain?

Neurofeedback for Pain: An image on a man curled in a ball in pain.

The brain is essentially in charge of everything in regards to pain in the body, i.e. how severely it’s perceived and where the pain is occurring. Read Full Article

Potential Causes of Depression

A person crying who is struggling with depression, who hasn't learned about treating depression without medication.

The root cause of depression can depend on several factors including the health of the gut and endocrine system, lifestyle choices, stress, and brainwave activi... Read Full Article

Frequently Asked Questions About Neurofeedback

An image of a pile of question marks to represent Frequently Asked Questions About How Neurofeedback Works

Find out the first steps, what happens during a normal Neurofeedback session, what a brain map is needed, when you will see results, and more. Read Full Article

Research Studies on Neurofeedback

Research articles to show the success rates of Neurofeedback

Research articles to show the success rates of Neurofeedback. Read Full Article


An image of brain waves to talk about how a brain mapping test works.

Our method is known as a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) and provides a detailed, accurate recording of your brainwave function. Read Full Article

Nutritional Stress-Busters For Your Brain

Choosing foods that support your brain health.


Fungal Overgrowth Symptoms

Fungal Overgrowth Symptoms: It could be the Cause of Your Stubborn Belly Fat, Fatigue and Sugar Cravings

Medical research has even shown that more than 63% of women are likely to have fungal overgrowth. These symptoms are not normal, although many of you may have b... Read Full Article

Importance of Balancing Cortisol Levels & Managing Stress

A person stressed to discuss why keeping cortisol levels balanced is important, and ways to reduce cortisol, if your cortisol levels are too high.

Here is why keeping cortisol levels balanced is important, and ways to reduce cortisol, if your cortisol levels are too high. Read Full Article

Are You Eating Superfoods For Your Brain?

Image of avocados and greens to represent some brain superfoods.

Changing your diet is hard, but instead of thinking of having to eliminate foods, first focus on adding brain-healthy foods into your diet. I’m going to give yo... Read Full Article

Importance of Nutrition for Addiction Recovery

Proper Nutrition for Addiction Recovery can make a world of difference.

Focusing on proper nutrition during addiction recovery may seem irrelevant or even unimportant. But it can make a world of difference in how you feel and your s... Read Full Article

Help, I Can’t Lose My COVID Weight!

Sales of snack foods have leaped up to more than 16% this year and there is one big reason: when we started to go into lockdown, Americans stocked up on comfort... Read Full Article

Salt Intake & Your Health

An image of pink salt which is used to create Sole

Every cell of the body depends on salt’s ability to help transport nutrients, balance fluids, and support hundreds of biological pathways. Read Full Article

Alzheimer’s Disease… Diabetes of the Brain?

A shadow image of a person's head with a pencil erasing parts of the brain to discuss Alzheimer’s Disease being Diabetes of the Brain.

There is strong scientific evidence supporting the hypothesis that Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia are a form of diabetes of the brain, often referred to as Ty... Read Full Article

The Price of Processed Carbs & Sugar on the Brain

A dollar sign to represent the price of processed carbs & sugar on the brain

Processed grains and sugar prove problematic for the brain among other important body systems due to their effects on spiking insulin levels. Read Full Article

90% of the Population is Low in Magnesium

Image of foods containing magnesium to talk about how 90% of the Population is Low in Magnesium

Magnesium is needed for over 300 physiological processes in the body such as blood sugar regulation, blood pressure regulation, energy production, and optimal s... Read Full Article

Why Vitamin D is Vital to Your Health

An image of Vitamin D Pills.

Having optimal levels of vitamin D plays a vital role in your overall health, as well as your quality of life. Read Full Article

How to Combat Winter Blues with Essential Oils

An image of some flowers next to a glass vile which contains an essential oil that is good for mood boosting.

Essential oils that can be very effective in improving one’s mood and outlook. Read Full Article

Do I Need to Take Supplements to Stay Healthy?

An image of supplements and ingredients that are used in them to talk about whether you need supplements to stay healthy.

The goal is not to use supplements as a cure-all for a poor diet. You can never out-supplement a good, nutrient-dense diet! However, given the challenges we fa... Read Full Article

Keeping Your Gallbladder Happy During the Holidays

Image of Gallbladder to talk about how to support the gallbladder

How to support the Gallbladder with an understanding on how it works, foods that harm its function, foods to improve function, and supplements. Read Full Article

Headaches: Unsuspected Root Causes Rarely Addressed by Conventional Medical Intervention

A person with a headache to discuss the Unsuspected Root Causes of Headaches and Finding the Root Cause of Migraines.

Most treatment plans for headaches and migraines by the conventional medical system will entail pain management through medications. However, these medications ... Read Full Article

Nutrition for Pets with Itchy Skin & Other Health Concerns

Our pets can have itchy skin and other health concerns, and for similar reasons as us. Read Full Article

What is Stress? & What to do About It?

What is Stress? & What to do About It?

If I were to ask you to define stress, what would you say? Would you label it either good or bad? How does it affect you? And what do you do to help yourself? Read Full Article

New Challenges in Battling The Latest Viral Strains

Learn about 2023's strain of viruses

Martin Johnson, DHM, discusses what he has seen recently at the Total Health clinics regarding this years strain of viruses, the symptoms & remedies. Read Full Article

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