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Practical Ways to Stay Healthy and Keep Your Immune System Strong

Authored by: Paige Welsh, Naturopathic Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist, BS, MS

Now more than ever I’ve found that people are paying close attention to their immunity and overall health. While lifestyle changes can be quite difficult, especially during a pandemic, there is no better time than now to work on your health and strive for optimal immunity. Having a strong immune system will help protect you from invaders such as viruses and bacteria, shorten the duration if you do get sick, keep your energy high, help your body with detoxification, and can even help protect you against cancer. A strong immune system is the key to optimal health. In this article, I’d like to share some of the most practical health tips to boost your immune system and to help keep you healthy. 

A strong immune system is the key to optimal health.

Two of the most powerful tools to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong are optimal sleep and staying hydrated.

Two of the most powerful tools to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong are optimal sleep and staying hydrated. Make sure you are prioritizing your sleep every single night, and try sipping on filtered water every 15-20 minutes throughout the day. When your mouth becomes dry, it becomes acidic. This allows viruses and bacteria to take over, and makes it harder for your immune system to fight off infection. Sipping on organic green tea would be great during this particular pandemic, since green tea is anti-viral. In addition, drinking anything hot helps to move a virus or bacteria down into the stomach, rather than in the lungs. 

Another powerful tool to boost your immune system is to optimize your diet and be mindful of what’s on the end of your fork.

Healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and organic, pastured animal products are going to help your body fight off infections and keep your immune system strong. Now is the time to experiment with recipes you’d normally not have time for, and try to use this time to enhance your cooking skills. You may even want to consider meal prepping so you only have to go to the store once or twice during the week. Try to double or triple your recipes to use as leftovers, or to freeze for in the future. You may even want to consider intermittent fasting. Not only are there fewer meals you have to prepare when you intermittent fast, but you also receive tons of immune boosting benefits from fasting!

Along with diet, sleep and hydration, there are some research backed nutrients that can help you fight off and/or prevent viral infections and support optimal immunity.

These research backed nutrients include vitamin C, zinc, turmeric, medicinal mushrooms, and quercetin. All of these nutrients can be found in supplemental form in our retail store. Please ask a store associate if you have any questions on these products. You may also want to consider diffusing or using essential oils topically. Some of the best anti-viral essential oils include peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, clove, thyme and oregano. We also carry a variety of therapeutic and food grade essential oils in the retail store.

Both our retail store and clinic are open, and we plan on remaining open to continue to serve our community. I invite you to please give the clinic a call for a free 15-minute phone consultation with myself to go over any health concerns, and to help keep you as healthy as possible. The clinic is offering both virtual and in-person appointments. The number you can reach us at is 262-251-2929. Stay healthy! 

To find out to find best solutions for you, to learn about special pricing on products, and get a bonus dietary guidelines sheet please call today.

Paige Welsh,
Naturopathic Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist, BS, MS

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