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Could Inefficiency in Heart Cell Function Be making You Weak and Tired?

Authored by: Martin Johnson, DHM, Owner and Natural Health Consultant

The heart is one organ out of what I call “the big three energy organs.” The other two are thyroid and adrenal glands. Often our practitioners find a correlation of function between these three organs! Meaning optimal heart efficiency can be affected by low adrenal or thyroid function.

When we find non-optimal heart, adrenal or thyroid efficiency in the way we test in our office, most of the time it is related to nutritional deficiencies, toxins or stress affecting organ and cellular integrity and overall health.

When the heart is functioning less efficiently, general fatigue will follow in addition to muscle weakness and fatigue. The heart is a muscle that is 500x stronger than any muscle in your body due to the fact that it’s working 24/7. Therefore, if it becomes weakened due to the above mentioned factors, the rest of your muscles fatigue along with it. This will not only cause weaker muscle structure, but many times difficulty experiencing feelings of happiness.

Often when we discover this with a client, the light bulb comes on in their mind. They have an answer to why they seem to get so tired and weak after activity. Sometimes even after simple activities such as getting out of bed and walking around for a while, or climbing a flight of stairs.

Additional Health Problems from Less Efficient Heart Function

Some additional health symptoms I have observed with people displaying less efficient heart function is a tendency towards weaker immune function. This results in chronic colds, sinus, ear or lung infections, and slower healing and recovery from injury or sickness. This occurs even with children mostly due to nutritional deficiencies.

Because of different energy pathways, called meridians, that run through the heart and then through other areas of the body, a seemingly unrelated symptom of discomfort under the armpits can occur. Also symptoms of low or high blood pressure, gum bleeding, bruising easier, poor circulation, or extreme thirst can occur.

There is also a strong connection between heart and small intestine energy. Thus many times when I see heart efficiency issues, digestion symptoms are present, and will conversely improve when we improve heart function.


Testing the Heart to See How Other Organs Respond to Each Other

Since the heart is a major central regulating organ, it responds to many other organ functions. This is seen by slight variations in heart rate. The equipment we use for this is called a heart rate variability machine. This equipment detects these slight variations in heart rate and maps the patterns by calculating timing between the variations. Advanced software calculates this data and puts it into a readout. The readout clearly shows how organs are responding to each other, and how the nervous system is responding to imbalances and stress. This helps us, as practitioners, get to the root of health conditions causing annoying symptoms. The best thing about this test is that it is extremely non-invasive and even relaxing to the client. While the test is being performed, it only requires a clip on each wrist that applies a very gentle pressure.

As you may be already concluding by reading this blog, it is very important to view symptoms as an overall whole body approach, rather than just individual symptom suppression. I call this a Multi Therapeutic approach.


We Can Help!

If you struggle with poor digestive health, weight loss resistance, allergies, fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, or even an autoimmune disease, I would encourage you to get to the root cause and don’t settle for it being covered up with medication. It could get worse over time.

Give us a call 262-251-2929 to schedule a no-charge 10-minute phone consult with a natural health practitioner, to see how we can help!

You can also learn more at one of our Free Seminars!

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