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The Thyroid’s Connected to the… Optic Nerve?

Authored by: Total Health Team

Remember the song, “Dem Bones?” It goes something like this…

“The head bone connected to the neck bone, The neck bone connected to the back bone,”

And so forth.

Just like that old folk song, parts of your body are “connected” to each other in some surprising and wonderful ways. For many of our clients, an important connection is the one between the optic nerve and the thyroid.

While the optic nerve doesn’t control the thyroid or vice versa, your eyes’ ability to pick out contrast can be an indicator of how toxins are impacting the optic nerve and consequently, how toxins are impacting other nerve tissue throughout the body. Knowing if toxins are having an impact on the optic nerve can help both naturopathic practitioners and traditional medical doctors get a better picture of the potential of toxicity and cellular inflammation in a person. Cellular inflammation is often an underlying condition for individuals with thyroid challenges. We coach many people who take thyroid medication but are experiencing a less than successful outcome. Sometimes, this is because the thyroid medication is treating the symptoms of the client's condition, not the root cause.

At Total Health, we use a simple, noninvasive test called a Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) test to help determine the level of toxicity in a client’s body. The VCS test has been extensively studied. It is used and relied upon by healthcare professionals and researchers all around the world. Your ability to see details at varying levels of contrast helps us determine how toxins have affected the optic nerve, which is a good indicator for other parts of your body. This test is fast and easy. We can even conduct an accurate test virtually for clients located outside of the Milwaukee area. Once we understand the level of toxins causing cellular damage in the body, we can work to address the effectiveness of your thyroid treatment. Rather than focusing on the thyroid itself, our treatment methods consider your body’s ability to receive the hormones your cells need. If your cells are not able to receive the hormones well, adding more hormones won’t help. It’s like yelling in English to someone who only speaks Spanish. Being loud won’t increase their comprehension. We help your cells heal by detoxifying the cells and organs, downregulating inflammation – which improves their ability to receive thyroid hormones from medication or the hormones produced naturally by your body. As we always say, “If you fix the cell, you’ll get well.” The VCS test is the first step in this process, helping us diagnose the extent of your problem and guiding us as we chart a course towards your healing.

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