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Look and Feel Better with a Rejuvenating Acupressure Facial

Authored by: Total Health Team

Who wouldn't love a little more health, wellness, vitality and....infinite good looks?

Leave with your skin glowing, your face relaxed and your heart happy. Schedule your 30-minute Acupressure Facial at Total Health Nutrition Center in Menomonee Falls with Janell Strupp PT, CPI 

Stress can take its toll on your health and your smile. Physical, emotional and environmental stressors can leave imprints, not only on the surface, but deep at the cellular level throughout your face and body. Gentle acupressure to unwind the meridians of your face, a rejuvenating healing modality, can help you look better, feel better, and give your spirits a lift.

Stimulating the acupressure points of your face can restore an optimal flow of energy through your meridians. This will help balance your physical and emotional feelings. Attention provided to the acupressure points of your face can awaken stagnant energy, decrease unnecessary tension, restore symmetry, improve blood flow, drain lymph, and flush toxins at the cellular level. Just as you can strengthen muscles, increase circulation and release tension from other parts of your body, you can brighten the appearance of your skin, unwind wrinkles, furrows, or scars, and promote improved strength, tone, and resilience of every facial muscle with acupressure.

Wrinkles and sagging skin are caused by several factors. One factor is a breakdown in collagen, the protein fibers in the skin that keep skin strong and springy. Another is overexposure to radiation from too much sun or tanning beds. A third factor is dehydration caused by excessive heat, not drinking enough water, or even from eating too much refined or processed sugar that cause premature skin aging. Lastly, there is stress which constricts muscles and blood vessels, which can lead to wear and tear not only on our bodies and minds, but also our precious youthful appearance.

Unwinding meridians with Acupressure offers the potential to boost your immune system and raise physical energy, which make it more comfortable to put on your happy face. This unique facial experience offers the potential to increase your blood circulation, tone facial muscles, and get your Qi energy flowing for greater health and wellness!


Choose a rejuvenating Acupressure Facial for yourself or someone you love!

By choosing a rejuvenating Acupressure Facial, as part of your comprehensive Total Health Wellness Approach, you can realize true, lasting wellness that will have you looking good and feeling great long into the future.

Comprehensive and individualized evaluations and treatment plans are available. 
Call 262-251-2929 to schedule a free 10-15-minute phone consult. We look forward to answering your questions.

If you love the idea of a facial, but you really want a full body experience, choose to schedule a 60 min Physical Therapy evaluation with Janell Strupp PT, CPI. Gentle indirect techniques such as acupressure, fascial counterstrain, and craniosacral therapy are helpful tools to mend your aches and pains.

Perfect for a Valentine's Day surprise! A thoughtful gift for any occasion. Gift certificates are available for all wellness services at Total Health Nutrition Center.

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