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3 secrets of weight loss

Authored by: Total Health Team

Three secrets of weight loss

According to the 2016 results from Gallup’s Annual Health and Healthcare Survey, 60% of women and 46% of men say they are interested in losing weight. The average American adult starts a new diet 4 times per year, but within two weeks 25% of them will give up. Why?

Because losing weight is more complicated than it seems. Of course, eat less – move more is always a good strategy. At Total Health Nutrition, we’ve also found three very important, related, and often overlooked keys to weight loss:

  1. Think small - it all starts at the cellular level. To lose weight you must improve your health all the way down to your cells. Many studies have shown a connection between cellular inflammation and hormone issues, heart disease, and autoimmune problems. Improving your cellular health can help relieve many chronic conditions such as fatigue, headaches, depression, and food cravings. The good news is that losing weight by eating the correct healthy foods actually improves your cellular health. When you focus on a weight loss diet designed to reduce cellular inflammation, flushing toxins out of the cells and organs, your cellular health will improve, creating a snowball effect that compounds as more weight is lost. You lose more weight because your cells are healthier.
  2. Hormone receptors are the key to weight loss. Healthy cells are more receptive to insulin and leptin, two hormones that are related to how your body uses and stores energy. Once again, there is a “snowball effect” at work. When your cellular health improves, your hormone receptors work more effectively, which helps you lose weight.
  3. The major endocrine organs must work together in harmony. Your body is home to a group of glands that regulate metabolism growth, tissue function, sleep, mood, and more. These glands work together to keep your body in balance. When one part of the endocrine system is malfunctioning, such as when a person is challenged by a thyroid disorder, other parts of the system overcompensate to try to bring the body back into alignment. Hormone imbalances are related to the endocrine system and in turn, when out of balance, can have a significant impact on how vibrant and how well your metabolism works. It is important to balance your endocrine system in order to balance your hormones.
    This philosophy might be a lot different from the way you’ve thought about weight loss in the past. That’s exactly why it works. The science of weight loss continues to evolve and as we better understand the relationships within our bodies, we are better able to achieve our health goals. According to the CDC, even a modest weight loss of 5 – 10% of your total body weight can produce significant health benefits. If you’re interested in starting down the path to better health, give us a call. We’ll develop a personalized plan that is specific to your needs and goals.

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