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Stress and Anxiety Promote Your Chances of Getting Sick

Authored by: Martin Johnson, Founder Total Health Nutrition Center

With all the health and economic concerns relevant to the Covid-19 pandemic, many health and nutrition centers have seen a spike in symptomatic anxiety related problems among their clients. The fact is that feelings of general anxiety, jitteriness, increased brain racing, insomnia, and even panic attacks can occur when the body is exposed to prolonged stress. No doubt we are in uncertain times, so having natural solutions to combat these feelings can prove invaluable. 

Combating stress and anxiety issues is one of the best ways to defend against illness and disease.

Due to how stress and sleep deprivation degrades the immune system, combating stress and anxiety issues is one of the best ways to defend against illness and disease. When undergoing chronic, uncontrolled stress, your adrenal glands produce cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol, often referred to as the stress hormone, have a positive effect on your body but only for short periods of time when the body is under higher stress. Referred to as the fight-or-flight response, these are times when it’s beneficial for cortisol to be elevated to ensure you are protected from an environmental danger. However, a problem occurs when the concerns and demands of life induce a chronic state of fight-or-flight, keeping cortisol levels consistently high. Cortisol, when elevated for prolonged periods of time, can actually have negative effects on the body, causing a weakened immune response, storage of non-beneficial middle body fat, and sleep disruption resulting in the ability to fall asleep but not stay asleep. This further stresses the adrenal glands. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Eat small portions of protein such as chicken, fish, eggs, and beef with each meal, along with a variety of vegetables.

Reduce sugar and grain intake, and any food that elevates blood sugar levels. This is your first defense in breaking that cycle, since the adrenal glands have to work harder to assist in the metabolism of glucose in the liver. It’s best, therefore, to eat small portions of protein like chicken, fish, eggs, and beef with each meal, along with a variety of vegetables.

It’s also important to supplement a healthy diet and additionally lower cortisol levels by using a variety of natural supplements.

Lower cortisol levels by using a variety of natural supplements such as Seriphos or Ashwagandha Complex. Other beneficial supplements include Drenamin, Ga Adrenal or Adrenergize. Additionally, I personally recommend supplements for calming the mind and overall nervous system. Anxiocalm is a special preparation of Echinacea, a familiar herb with the active ingredient Alkamides, a powerful immune system booster. I also recommend an amino acid called L- theanine that affects levels of certain brain chemicals including serotonin and dopamine, chemicals which influence mood, sleep, and emotions associated with stress. These products are generally safe for all ages. However, I would consult your medical doctor if you are currently on prescription anxiety or anti-depression medications.

Working with clients in our Natural Health Clinic at Total Health Nutrition Center for over thirty years, I’ve become familiar with many age and lifestyle related health symptom patterns. It’s given me the ability to provide recommendations on products best suited for my clients, often with only a simple phone conversation. In order to better serve you in these stressful times, I’m offering free phone consultations to help you make the best decisions regarding your health and stress concerns, while making sure you get the right supplements for your specific needs. To schedule an interview or order products call 262-251-2929. You can also view our natural health services to see how they can help you combat stress, and keep you healthy throughout this Covid-19 crisis. 

Martin Johnson
Founder Total Health Nutrition Center 

1 These are products we use in our Natural Health Clinic at Total Health Nutrition Center.

2 Alkamides plugs into the same cell receptors as THC from the hemp cannabis plant, giving it a very calming effect on the mind and central nervous system, but without the negative psychoactive effect.

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