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Wholistic Medicine: Finding Answers to Thyroid and Immune Mysteries

Authored by: Martin Johnson, DHM, Owner and Natural Health Consultant

Many people think that taking a holistic approach to health primarily involves simply taking a natural health supplement. It really is more than that.

What is Holistic Medicine?


Holistic medicine, or what we prefer to call “Wholistic medicine,” involves looking at the body as a whole unit, working intricately together. At Total Health Nutrition Center, we are trained in medical sciences to review blood work and assess symptom patterns from a wholistic or naturopathic perspective. Unlike many common medical approaches, we don’t just stop at treating the symptom with a drug, we address the whole picture: diet and lifestyle factors that contribute to conditions such as stress, sleep, activity levels, toxicity, and nutrient deficiency.

Modern Medicine vs. Wholistic Approach

While taking drugs is considered real medicine by some, and the wholistic supplement approach is often referred to as “alternative,” the wholistic approach is much closer to the way medicine was originally intended to be. Drugs do have their place in certain situations, and for shorter durations to improve an out of control symptom. When you really think about it, however, can you fix the root cause of an issue by controlling a symptom with a chemical drug? In the long run, you may actually cause further imbalance and toxicity.

Another factor to consider are the different approaches and views when gathering diagnostic information. A good example is looking strictly at blood work to determine if a person has a thyroid issue. We’ve talked to many people who know they have symptoms of low thyroid function: fatigue, weight gain, thinning hair, and achy muscles. But all their blood markers come back normal, and their symptoms are interpreted as “maybe it’s just stress” or “your just getting older.” 

What we often find when we look at this from a wholistic, root cause approach, is most of these individuals have inflammation affecting cellular function from years of toxic exposure due to diet and environmental factors. These toxins affect the cell’s outer lining, the cell membrane, keeping it from recognizing the thyroid hormone as readily as it should. Thus the thyroid hormones such as TSH, T4 and even T3 can look normal in the circulating blood, but cells can’t respond to them as well. It’s like pulling into a gas station when your gas gauge is on empty, opening the gas cap, but pouring the gas on top of your car. Some gas may trickle into your tank, but most is wasted.

If you have been dealing with some unresolved symptoms and you are not satisfied with the quality of health you currently have, give us a call. We offer a free consultation with one of our wholistic practitioners. No charge or obligation. Call 262-251-2929 today.

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