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Posture Matters

Authored by: Janell Strupp PT, CPI

Postural Decline in the Digital Age is increasing at a rampant rate!

It is pertinent that we band together to educate families about the little-known harmful effects of growing up in the digital age.


Why is this a problem?

Reversing Postural Decline in the Digital Age is an evidence-based need, rather than “something they’ll outgrow” without intervention. Save your family from the worsening effects of postural decline, which show up as a negative impact on not only how you look, but your entire health and well-being, your confidence, your mood, and your overall success in life! Postural distortion patterns are a common denominator among many pediatric problems. It’s more than just sitting up straight. It’s stimulation of the brain to reverse a decline in the digital age. Neurological disorders can be mistaken for laziness, lack of motivation, lack of focus or being labeled a "bad kid.” There is no pill, potion or lotion that can correct posture! Specialized treatment is warranted.


Early Detection is Key!

Here are just a few examples:

  • Neck, back, and shoulder pain severity is associated with Tech Neck postures, beginning as early as childhood...and potentially worsening over a lifetime due to repeated postural strain.
  • Asthma and breathing problems are associated with poor postural patterns.
  • Children with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder have poor postural stability.
  • Slumped posture is associated with a poor mood and depression.


Digital Dementia - overstimulation of devices and lifestyle choices is a real phenomenon that affects people of all ages, including school-aged children, teens, and young adults.


Evidence of the Dangers of Postural Decline

Alarmingly, our children's life expectancies may be decreasing due to postural decline. Pediatric postural correction reduces pediatric suffering and slashes their chances of developing recurrent lifelong problems.

Shockingly, 67% of students already display Tech Neck Posture, and >50% of school-aged children have postural distortion patterns! Worse yet, most of them do not even realize this is occurring and what the ramifications are! Does your child have a C shaped posture from staring down at their devices? Get the facts and find solutions at Total Health Nutrition Center’s Physical Therapy. We take a special interest in caring for your family, including pediatric posture assessment and solutions! This posture harms their long term physical and mental health! But the detrimental effects of tech posture are preventable!


Preventing & Fixing Posture Related Problems

Receiving even ONE ergonomic intervention was shown to be highly effective for preventing musculoskeletal pain and having better posture in school-aged children. Please don’t sit back any longer. Total Health Clinic will help you understand the importance of detecting and correcting postural distortion patterns in any age person, but is specifically geared toward helping the immediate concerns our youth are facing in the digital age. Act now to reverse postural decline and its negative effects on your family’s health, happiness, confidence and future quality of life!

Call Total Health Clinic to schedule a consultation with Janell Strupp, Physical Therapist at Total Health Clinic, Menomonee Falls.

Our staff would love to answer any of your questions. Contact: 262-251-2929.


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