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The Truth to Achieving Healthy, Young-Looking Skin

Authored by: Martin Johnson, DHM, Owner and Natural Health Consultant

As you know, there are thousands of items on the market to help with skin beauty and health, and most of them are topical. People are often misled through advertisement, that topical treatment is the best option in maintaining good-looking, young, and healthy skin. However, the truth is that healthy, young-looking skin has most to do with what you take internally, i.e. what you eat!

How Skin Cells Are Damaged

Damage to skin cells takes place when there is oxidative stress going on. Similar to rust on metal, this reaction damages healthy cells, causing DNA destruction, which causes cell death, resulting in more rapid aging. Further, oxidation can potentially mutate DNA causing cancer. Our bodies have mechanisms to combat oxidative stress. However, if our body gets exposed to too many toxins from the environment or the food we eat, and it cannot clear those toxins quickly enough, it’s like a sink filling up with water more quickly than the drain can empty it. Eventually, it will overflow causing damage to the rest of the room. If your body gets burdened with toxins, oxidative stress increases causing a chain reaction of cell die-off. Which means more rapid aging.

How We Help People with this Issue

Re-establishing youth and vitality start with supporting the health of your body all the way down to the cellular level. The first thing we assess is how inflamed your cell walls are. This is because inflammation on a cellular level is the ultimate marker of the level of health you have. Inflammation on this level isn’t necessarily felt, such as inflammation from an injury. It is possible that you could have a high level of cellular inflammation and never know it.

Accurate Testing and Healing Inflammation

We perform a urine test in-office that is 50 times more accurate than blood work to determine if your cell walls are inflamed. If we find that they are, then we run a test to help us determine what type of toxins might have accumulated contributing to that inflammation. Once we know this, then we can determine the proper cell detoxification program designed to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. While detoxifying the cells, we want to feed the body nutrients that will protect and promote cell repair. Therefore, by achieving cellular health, all your organs, including your biggest organ the skin, benefit.

In our comprehensive clinical nutrition programs, we cover detoxification and organ support through therapeutic supplementation, as well as a variety of health-giving choices such as:

What are the correct food choices? Correct food choices include the deep green vegetables, protein, collagen-containing foods from chicken, beef or fish stock, and healthy fats which add to cell health and repair.
What is the right kind and balance of exercise that promotes cellular respiration and detoxification, but doesn’t create too much oxidative damage?
What body care and household products to use or not use due to their toxic ingredients?

A Call to Preventative Action!!

If you are unhappy with the level of health you are currently having, or have skin health issues such as premature wrinkles, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or even a history of skin cancer, or you desire to maintain your health and refuse to let it slip away. I urge you to call: 262-251-2929 for a no-charge telephone consultation with one of our natural health practitioners.

If you are unhappy with the level of health and vitality you currently have find out how we can help.

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