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Sally S.

In October 2012, I was diagnosed with upper respiratory infection. After being treated with three different antibiotics, it was finally diagnosed in January 2013 as Grave’s disease, a thyroid issue. I started seeing an endocrinologist and was put on methimazole.

The major symptoms are severe fatigue, heart palpitations and weight loss subsided but after more than a year on the medication, all the symptoms were not resolved and I was concerned about being on methimazole. Thus my interest spiked when I learned about the seminar at Total Health Center.

After my husband and I attended Marty’s seminar on Thyroid we felt I might benefit from a consultation. Even though only hypothyroidism was discussed and Grave’s disease is hyperthyroidism, maybe Marty’s help could improve my thyroid issues of Grave’s disease. I must admit I was skeptical of the Nutritional Response Testing yet I wanted to know more about my thyroid and sought to understand if supplements and advice would help reduce and eliminate the need for my thyroid medication?

The NRT is a different way of treatment. Am I being fooled? Is this a good choice for my body and my money? Well those were my thoughts and as each office visit was complete and as I read the suggested books I felt more and more confident that this is not foolish and Marty and the staff gave important and accurate information and genuinely cared about their patients. During the 2nd and 3rd weeks on the supplements and eating healthier I was feeling more alert, brain fog is dissipating, YEA!

Continuing over the course of weeks under Marty and his nurse’s instructions I felt my body improving. I contribute this to changing my eating habits and taking the suggested supplements.

After the testing I discussed it with my family and come to find out my son-in-law had the same type of testing done and was confident that his testing and follow up are good for his body. It was fun discussing healthy food choices with him and my daughter. I also learned a coworker was following similar guidelines and being tested with NRT. It is good to discuss this with friends that understand.

How expensive will the supplements be? Yes, it can be expensive, any type of eating whether grocery store bill, out to eat bill or supplement cost, it all costs. What helps me is understanding that the food and protein powder and supplements that I am encouraged to try are what my body needs. I am taking this commitment very seriously. My husband is very supportive which makes spending the money easier.

Each week at the office visits I take notes and apply the knowledge to my circumstance. It is important to take time to plan my meals and snacks and shop with that knowledge. This has empowered me. You will wonder how you will find time for this. It will be to your benefit to take the time and then your money will not be wasted. Once you notice the good changes in how you feel and how you enjoy eating more you will feel better about spending your money on the supplements and good food.





There came a time for me to discuss with Marty my need to only concentrate on my endocrine system and not move onto other body organs because of the expense.

My improvements:

  • Graves’ disease went into remission (will not know if because of medication or the healthy food choices and supplements more below***)
  • Brain fog cleared up
  • Hand tremor gone
  • Graves’ dermopathy continues to go away, which included: Thick, red skin on my shins, hard growth above my right ankle
  • Swollen eye lids reduced greatly
  • Graves ophthalmopathy almost gone, which included: double vision, gritty sensation in the eyes, pressure in the eyes, puffy eyelids, light sensitivity
  • Hair loss – considerably less
  • Continuous phlegm that I had since Oct. 2012 is now gone. My endocrinologist told me phlegm is not part of my Grave’s disease. I contribute the phlegm clearing up due to eating better and drinking the recommended amount of water daily.

Many foods I was encouraged to discontinue. I could not imagine going without milk, bread, sweets, and pasta. But for the most part I have cut those items from my diet. Surprising things I now eat: kale, spaghetti squash, chia seeds, flax oil, coconut oil, protein powder, avocado, lentils, steel cut oats, grass fed beef, and organic butter. These are food items that help my body versus what I was eating that gave no nutritional value.

I am thankful for Marty’s guidance and shared knowledge and the staff’s caring attentiveness.

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