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What was it like before you came in to see us?

Before I came to see Dr. Marty, I had the following health issues:

  • Migraines weekly
  • Constant pain in both hips
  • Constant pain in my left knee
  • High blood pressure
  • 25+ pounds overweight
  • I really had no energy.

I always felt tired. I also had to have my two cups of coffee, every morning and a sugar fix (candy bar, brownie or homemade dessert) every afternoon.

How is it now?

I did the 3-week detox and didn’t cheat at all while on the detox. I also exercised 3-4 times per week. As a result, my migraines, hip pain, knee pain, high blood pressure and 25+ pounds are gone! I’ve also followed Dr. Marty’s recommendations regarding what foods are best for me to eat. My morning coffee has been replaced with a fresh fruit and protein smoothie with flaxseed oil, and I no longer need my afternoon sugar fix. I feel much healthier now and I have much more energy! It’s such a blessing to live pain-free! Thanks, Dr. Marty! You’re awesome!

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