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Over the past few years my allergies have become more and more severe. It had gotten to the point that I was sick at work every day because of my sensitivity to fragrances. I was taking allergy medication every day and had been getting allergy shots for over three years. I had daily headaches, muscle aches, sore throat, difficulty breathing and congestion. A friend mentioned that I might have a food allergy and I should check it out. I made an appointment for food allergy testing with my doctor but as I was searching for information on the web I checked out Total Health Nutrition Center that I had heard about on the Fish. The First website link took me to their website which was advertising a seminar called “How Toxic Are You?” It described 8 symptoms that are typical with toxicity – I had 7 of them. I attended the seminar and had lots of questions afterward. Marty Johnson took the time to answer all my questions and was able to tell me what he believed was really causing my sensitivity to fragrances. I was so miserable that I was willing to try anything.

I set up an appointment with Marty and he became my personal coach. I called him whenever I had a question or concern. Two weeks into the cleanse, my sensitivity issues disappeared almost complete. I also noticed that many symptoms that I thought were part of life were gone, like joint pain and stiffness. My skin is clearer, I don’t need as much sleep as I used to and I have more energy. No more headaches or muscle aches and no sore throat and congestion at work. I also lost my addiction to sugar and caffeine and I feel better than I have in 20 years. I had gone to Total Health Nutrition Center for an answer to my allergy problems but I got so much more. I lost 17 pounds in the first three weeks but it didn’t stop there. It was the starting point for a lifestyle change that I’ve been trying to make for years. In three months I’ve lost 35 pounds, I don’t crave sugar or fast food and I'm able to provide more nutritious meals for my family.

By the way, I canceled that food allergy testing appointment and I haven’t taken allergy medication in three months.

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