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Peter F.

What was your health like before you came to see us?

My daughter lived in her own little world. She was very intelligent but painfully introverted. She would easily get overwhelmed by too much stimuli. At that point it was very difficult to communicate with her. When she was overwhelmed, she would not understand what you were saying, not could she explain what she was thinking or what she misunderstood. She also was very uncomfortable with being touched, hugged or kissed by her parents. It was very difficult.

 How is your health now?

It is wonderful to have her back again! She now talks quite a bit and is often silly – which is a new experience. She does not mind being hugged or kissed anymore. She is able to communicate with others much better now. When people see her (who haven’t seen her in a while) they are surprised. She gets along with her siblings better and can communicate and keep friends better now. There is a very noticeable difference.

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