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Meet your health specialist

Elizabeth Johnson

BS, Certified Red Light Therapy Practitioner


Elly's background in tennis & bodybuilding, combined with her passion to help people, has led to her career here helping people become the best version of themselves through natural approaches. Red Light Therapy has changed her clients lives significantly, being a non-invasive solution for fat loss, pain management, skin rejuvenation, and so much more.

Clinical services Elizabeth Johnson specializes in include:

Holistic weight loss clinic

The more we understand about our bodies, the better we can achieve our health goals naturally. Starting a diet is hard, but our nutritionists, physical therapists and homeopathic doctors can help your body adapt to lose weight quickly. We create a plan that works for you and give you the tools to stick with it.

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Natural Therapies & Remedies for Pain Relief

Eliminate Pain Naturally

Alleviate your pain with Total Health’s natural remedies and products. Our holistic doctors have experience with chronic and acute pain relief. We’ll listen to your specific symptoms and work with you to form a wellness plan.



Boosting immunity naturally

Cold season runs for at least 7 months out of the year in Southeast Wisconsin. Take control of your health and protect yourself by taking care of your body and boosting natural immunity.

Total Health Nutrition Centers have an experienced team of holistic doctors, clinical nutritionists and health coaches who will form an integrative plan to get your health and immune system in its best shape ever. Check out our naturopathic clinics in New Berlin and Menomonee Falls.

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Therapies & remedies for chronic inflammation

Prevent disease & eliminate discomfort

Inflammation is associated with chronic diseases & conditions. We use state-of-the-art equipment to test for inflammation & our diverse team of holistic practitioners knows how to fight it. 

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Red Light Therapy

At Our Menomonee Falls Clinic

Red light therapy, also known as infrared light therapy or low-level laser therapy, is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment using low-level red light wavelengths to promote healing and rejuvenation in various areas of the body. Red light therapy is a painless procedure with absolutely no downtime required. Total Health believes in harnessing the power of red light to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, from body contouring to pain relief.

Red light therapy is a cutting-edge therapeutic technique in which red light is strategically targeted toward desired areas of the skin to penetrate the skin with reparative light. The wavelengths of red light stimulate your cells, triggering beneficial physiological responses ranging from acne and fine line reduction to wound healing and fat burning. Unlike other forms of light with UVA and UVB rays, red light has a unique ability to penetrate deeply into the skin and heal your body without causing damage.

Red light therapy is safe and effective for a wide range of applications.

At Total Health Inc., we only use red light machines from Contour Light Devices, a trusted, FDA approved manufacturer of therapeutic red light devices.

Want to Learn More About Red Light Therapy? Come to Our Seminar!

We are hosting a seminar at our Menomonee Falls location on Thursday, September 21st at 6 p.m. Learn more about the seminar or sign up for free today!

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Partnered with Standard Process

Standard Process partners with qualified health care professionals to distribute supplements, test kits, and other products that promote natural health. They are committed to providing clients with nutrients as they are found in nature to maximize their effectiveness. See top Standard Process products now:

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Visit one of our natural health stores in Menomonee Falls or New Berlin to shop in person.


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