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Good Morning Adrenal Tonic


This is a lovely way to awaken and gently stimulate the adrenals first thing in the morning. The tonic provides vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, a little natural sugar from honey and other nutrients to get you going. Best to consume on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Authored by: Mona Eberle Naturopathic Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist, Neurofeedback Clinician 



• Juice and zest of one organic lemon

• 1 Tbsp freshly grated organic ginger

• 1/2 tsp of Celtic sea salt or Redmond salt

• 1 tsp of raw, local, organic honey

• 12 oz of warm filtered, clean water

Good Morning Adrenal Tonic


1. Zest the lemon into a tall sturdy glass. I like to grate the lemon down to the flesh making sure I include not only the peel, but also the pith, which is rich in immune boosting and detoxing nutrients. Then juice the remainder of the lemon with a lemon squeeze

2. Grate the ginger into the glass

3. Add the salt and honey

4. Top with warm water and stir. If you don’t like the bits, you can blend the ingredients.

5. Drink slowly and mindfully through a straw to protect your tooth enamel.


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