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I can now wash windows and rake leaves with more energy and freedom! My shoulder now allows me to apply enough pressure to write long hand! I can’t really describe it, but my insides also feel more freed! Janell commented that sometimes my adrenals and my sluggish lymph were being addressed. I chose not to mention my aching hand joints because there were bigger areas of need in my right shoulder and spine. Wouldn’t you know it, one day the cranial scan came up needing to address my lymphatics. Turned out that some of the dysfunction was caught in those knuckles, contributing to the shoulder bursitis. Janell gently, painlessly worked that restriction free! Again, I was holding the steering wheel even easier than after my first session! And I accidentally found out that I can now sit on the floor with legs crossed (Indian style)!

A month ago my chiropractor was surprised at the mobility in my neck. There is a specific technique for cervical spine mobility that other practitioners have unsuccessfully tried on my in the past. Janell used that stroke on me after the Counterstain, and I was surprised at how my head/neck rocked comfortably with the movement! My neck has not been that mobile in decades!

Thank you, Janell! I look forward to setting up another set of 8 because I know that with your help, more old patterns can be freed – therefore I will feel even more mobile!

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