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Blue Opal Demo Day

The Blue Opal can help find underlying health problems by analyzing DNA, Cells, Tissues, Organs, Bones, etc. 


Note: This is a one-on-one health demo with just the practitioner. 


Unlike a blood sample or an x-ray, the Blue Opal sees the body as a dynamic system. What if we could look at the health of our body as a whole, and make recommendations that restore homeostasis?  The Blue Opal gives insight into your inner body’s functioning and imbalances. 

Why the Blue Opal?

These frequency readings provide us with information that is currently happening in the body such as possible health conditions, pathogen activity, and allergens. The Blue Opal can also give us some insight as to what therapeutic nutrition may be most appropriate for a health condition or work as an anti-pathogen such as minerals, herbs, anti-microbials, etc.

How Does it Work?

The Blue Opal (Metatron) is an analytical technique that has been used as a health assessment tool in Europe and Asia for decades. It is relatively new in the United States and currently, there are only 12 systems in the country. The Blue Opal reads analyses and plots of different frequencies. All living things produce their own unique frequency; this includes DNA, cells, tissues, organs, bones, etc. This is also true of organisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds, and parasites.

During a Blue Opal scan, the technology (trigger sensors) is able to measure the state of the different frequencies that are produced in the human body. It plots this information on a computer screen for us to see what is occurring in the body in real-time. The technology also produces the frequencies of healthy cells, healthy tissues, and healthy organs to help restore the correct frequency of these areas in the body (known as Meta-Therapy). Also, recommendations regarding possible pathologies and avenues of potential improvement approaches are provided.

Meta-Therapy is a method of trying to restore an organism’s normal ability to live, in cases of acute and chronic conditions.

During the scan, the client simply sits in a chair. Bioinductors (sensors) are worn on the head during the session which detects and analyzes the frequencies that are produced in the body.

Limited spots are available. MUST CALL TO REGISTER. 

$50.00 for a 30 min session. 

ONLY 5 spots available. Call to reserve your spot today! 262-251-2929

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