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Benefits of massage therapy

Reduce stress

The long-term effects of stress can take emotional and physical tolls. Massage therapy relieves stress by reducing epinephrine and increasing serotonin and dopamine levels. Serotonin and dopamine are linked with the brain's reward system and increased levels of happiness.

Manage pain

Pain can negatively affect a person's quality of life and impede recovery from illness or injury. Massage therapy will stimulate endorphin production, allowing you to manage pain naturally. Massages also provide physical benefits:

  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve range of motion

Increase immune function

Massage therapy can help boost immune system strength by increasing the activity level of the body's "killer T cells," which fight off viruses.

Boost mental health and wellness

Massage therapy boosts dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin neurotransmitters. These chemicals all play an important role in alleviating stress, anxiety and depression.

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Meet your practitioners

Karen Peplin

Licensed Massage Therapist & Licensed Acupuncturist


Karen has an extensive background in both acupuncture and massage therapy. She is board certified in acupuncture since 2009 and as a licensed Massage Therapist since 1995.

Manda Johnson

Licensed Massage Therapist


Manda brings years of experience in natural healing to her massage practice. She received her training at the Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy and is certified in CPR AED, first aid for Health Care Professionals and as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

REAL Customer Testimonials & Reviews

From my experiences with Total Health and Dr. Marty, I’ve been able to conquer existing symptoms to regain strength, vitality and overall well-being. Marty does a thorough job to identify the underlying problems with one’s own health to bring a valid solution forward. Like anything, you get what you put in. Total Health targets real issues with people and their health and it is up to you to commit to the natural healing process. By getting to the root of the problem of your symptoms, health issues get resolved without relying on surgeries or prescription drugs. It is in my opinion that the sta... Read More

- Alex

Losing weight, improving my nutrition, and increasing my energy levels throughout the day were my main concerns when I first walked into Total Health Nutrition Center. Throughout my health journey at Total Health, I learned to listen to my body and learned that victories aren’t always on the scale. Paige Welsh was a huge inspiration, she educated me about living a more holistic and healthy life by balancing my social, mental, and physical health. My favorite improvement thus far is my increase in energy levels and my overall healthy lifestyle change that was all achieved through Total Health. Read More

- Amy

What was your health like before you came to see us? Poor – I had frequent, chronic issues with digestion, stomach pain and feel sick in general. I also had significant depression. My body temperature seemed to fluctuate and I often had cold hands and feet. How is your health now? Very good – I’ve learned some of my triggers for stomach pain and related issues. The dietary changes I’ve made have created a significant improvement in how I feel on a daily basis. In addition, the supplements have been very helpful in how I feel mentally and physically as well. Thank you to everyone at Total Healt... Read More

- Tiffany

Clinical Services

Our team of holistic practitioners determines the best way to alleviate your symptoms based on non-invasive testing and your wellness goals. We target the root cause of inflammation & heavy metal toxicity at the cellular level so that you can take back control of your health instead of managing symptoms. Our most popular clinical services include:

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Partnered with Standard Process

Standard Process partners with qualified health care professionals to distribute supplements, test kits, and other products that promote natural health. They are committed to providing clients with nutrients as they are found in nature to maximize their effectiveness. See top Standard Process products now:

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