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Holistic Treatments for Back Pain at Total Health

Say Goodbye to Back Pain with Natural Solutions from Total Health

At Total Health, our team of holistic practitioners helps you find, address and manage the root cause of your back pain – not just the symptoms. Our alternative, non-invasive approaches promote your body’s healing processes to bring you real, lasting back pain relief without the use of drugs.  

Holistic Therapy for Back Pain Relief

Total Health offers a range of holistic health services and alternative treatment approaches for acute, subacute and chronic back pain caused by accidents, injuries and illnesses. Our team conducts thermography to identify and target the source of your back pain, along with chiropractic services to provide spinal alignment and tension reduction + acupuncture and neurofeedback therapy for lasting & effective back pain relief. Our certified and experienced counselor is available to provide trauma therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to facilitate your body’s healing from physical manifestations of past experiences and relief from current tension-inducing stressors.

Natural Relief for Acute, Subacute & Chronic Back Pain 

At Total Health, we are focused on restoring your health from the inside out – not just treating your symptoms and covering up your back pain. Our treatments help you identify, manage and improve your back pain without opioids and surgeries with real and lasting solutions to help you heal. 

Get Freedom From Back Pain at Total Health

Whether you’re dealing with acute, subacute or chronic back pain, the team of holistic health practitioners at Total Health can help. Get to the root cause of your back pain and experience the power of natural healing through nutrition & holistic health coaching, counseling for pain management, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy and more. Stop letting pain take over your life. Call us in New Berlin or Menomonee Falls to start your transformation to better health today.

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