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Remedies for Elbow, Ankle, Hand & Hip Pain

Tackle the Root Cause of Your Pain

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, chronic pain impacts more Americans than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined. The National Health Interview Survey statistics report chronic pain as impacting 50.2 million adults in the USA. 

You don’t have to accept chronic pain in your life – there’s a better way. If you’re tired of being a statistic and dragging through life with painkillers, drugs and no real solutions, you owe it to yourself to try Total Health. 

Take the Healthier, Natural Approach to Pain Relief

Are you suffering from pain in your elbows, ankles, hands or hips? We can help. At Total Health, we don’t accept acute, subacute or chronic pain as a way of life. Instead of tossing painkillers and surgery options at you and shrugging our shoulders, we’ll work with you to actively improve and manage your pain with natural, non-toxic and holistic solutions.

Heal Your Body With Alternative & Non-Invasive Pain Treatments

Reduce inflammation and promote tissue repair with advanced Indiba Activ technology, regain strength and range of motion through gentle pilates movements, mobilize your joints with orthotics and reduce pain with regular massage therapy. Whether you have bursitis, nerve issues, arthritis, Lupus or a sprained or strained muscle, the certified holistic health practitioners at Total Health are here to help release your pain and facilitate your body’s healing from the inside out. 

Total Health Helps You Manage and Heal Your Pain Naturally 

Alternative holistic treatments and natural approaches to pain relief will increase your quality of life without the harmful side effects of harsh drugs. At Total Health, we believe in treating YOU –  your whole body & your whole self – not just masking your symptoms. Our dedicated team of holistic health practitioners will work with you every step of the way to facilitate your best possible health and maximum pain relief. Contact us today in New Berlin or Menomonee Falls to get on the path to less pain and better health.

Partnered with Standard Process

Standard Process partners with qualified health care professionals to distribute supplements, test kits, and other products that promote natural health. They are committed to providing clients with nutrients as they are found in nature to maximize their effectiveness. See top Standard Process products now:

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