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Natural Relief for Shoulder Pain

Stop Shoulder Pain and Get Your Movement Back at Total Health

Total Health’s alternative approaches to managing shoulder pain can help you experience comfort and an improved range of motion without relying on opioids, harsh painkillers or giving up on activities you love. At Total Health, we don’t believe in putting a band-aid over your symptoms. We are here to target the source of your pain and help heal your body naturally. 

Improved Range of Motion After Shoulder Injury

Relieve your shoulder pain and get your movement back! Reduce tension and inflammation through fascial counterstrain therapy and improve your strength and range of motion with personal training services at Total Health. Whether you have a frozen or dislocated shoulder, a rotator cuff injury or torn cartilage, we can help. 

Drug-Free Shoulder Pain Relief 

Looking for more natural ways to manage shoulder pain? At Total Health, we provide counseling on relaxation and breathing techniques to help you work through pain without opioids. By equipping yourself with functional ways to overcome your pain naturally, you put yourself back in control. 

Take the Natural Approach to Pain Relief at Total Health

A life with minimized and well-managed pain CAN be a reality for you. At Total Health, we used natural and holistic approaches to find the root cause of your shoulder pain so we can treat your whole person – body, mind and soul. See how we’ve helped other people just like you, and give us a call in New Berlin or Menomonee Falls when you’re ready to start living again.

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